S.U.S. (Several Unique Souls)

S.U.S. (Several Unique Souls) Is the only way to describe this talented individual. He started in Brooklyn with different rap/M.C clicks, such as Partners In Poetry (P.I.P) with Getparodox, Boogie Man Circus of East Flatbush.S.U.S. graduated from IAR with a 4.0 GPA and worked tirelessly to become a great and skilled creative music producer and engineer. S.U.S. has worked with every genre of music such as in studio crop range from Soulful R&B Freddie Jackson, Brooklyn’s own street Hip-Hop legends Smif-N-Wessun (a.k.a. Cocoa Brovaz), engineering for Vivian Green, Taurus Riley, Blackmarket,DirtBag, and meny more. The full 360 is when S.U.S reunited with Getparodox on the EP SHOW LOVE!