Energy by S.U.S is finally here!

Energy Is power and time; and music and life are also ruled by these laws. The Dynamic Duo of S.U.S. and Getparodox combine style, swagger and entertainment in an exhibition of verbal linguistic. Lead by the energy man himself S.U.S ( Several Unique Souls) the group of tracks have moving hooks,alternating structure just keep the listener in a high level of energy. S.U.S unique way of demanding attention from the listener while providing a vibe to get lost in. The featured artist Getparodox has his own style that adds that hypnotic suggestive tone that gets the head nodding and body moving of all ages. Together this melodic up tone resonates throughout the entire EP. From the opening of SHOW LOVE, to ENERGY, then start FALLING BACK. The surprise concert stadium song THE WORLD, sets you up for the lyrical tsunami RECAP/NIGHT_CAP.

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